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President’s Message

President of SMIGiving Credit Where Credit is Due

“Great job.” “Congratulations.” “Thank you for all you do.”

These are phrases that I hope are familiar to everyone. For those of us who have been a boss at work, or who have been a spouse and who have maybe raised children, these words should have been spoken often, clearly, and delivered in a heartfelt tone. Likewise, to be on the receiving end of sentiments like these is to be made to feel appreciated and valued. Hearing such compliments can serve as the motivating fuel for us to strive even harder for success the next time we face new challenges.

I also suspect that most of us, in whatever roles we have undertaken, can think of times when we failed to say or hear these very words. That failure to communicate is something I want very much to avoid, so let me be very clear about the following: to everyone who puts time into the work of SMI, who volunteers to serve on our operating committees, who works on such glamorous topics as benchmarking, membership, regulatory compliance, and the like, I say, “THANK YOU!”

At our April convention in Orlando, I was awed by the level of interest, participation and dedication exhibited by our operating committees during their meetings. The usual schedule has committees meet on the Saturday of the convention, and we try to entice any potential but unsure participants with a “free lunch!” What I saw in April, however, went far beyond freeloaders chowing down. We had several committee tables which were full, with almost more participants than seats available to hold them. Beyond this event, we have numerous committees which meet outside the annual convention gathering.

These committees are the place where the work of SMI gets done, where members can have direct input on the allocation of SMI resources and the direction of its future efforts. And although our committees are driven by membership participation way beyond the chairman, let me at least give a shout out to those who serve in that role:

Education, SMI VP Mike Betts
Finance, SMI Secretary/Treasurer, Steve Kempf
Convention Planning, Bert Goering
Magazine, Ted White
Benchmarking, Tim Bianco
Technical, Gene Huber and Simon Fleury
Membership, Charly Klein
Regulatory Compliance, Steve Wunder
Associates, Bill Torres
Spouses, Jen Porter
Trade Show, Dan Sceli

To all these folks, and to the people who serve with them, let me be loud and clear in my acknowledgement and appreciation, and let me say this on behalf of the entire SMI membership – “GREAT JOB. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!”

Hap Porter
President and COO, SEI MetalTek

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