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On-Site Safety Audits

Spring Design Workshops

ADA Manual (with job descriptions)

Price: $140.00

Answers the most-asked and least-understood questions regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act. Helps springmakers comply with the law. Covers employer rights, and includes an ADA-approved job application and 60 ADA-sensitive job descriptions that outline specific titles and positions from the spring industry. Job descriptions also meet requirements of ISO/QS registration.

Handbook of Spring Design
2002 edition

The new Handbook of Spring Design has been revised and updated so that it accurately compliments the spring design software. A condensed version of the Encyclopedia of Spring Design, the Handbook covers the essentials of extension, compression and torsion spring design, plus segments on tolerances and materials. The 100-page Handbook is the perfect reference to keep in a briefcase or at a workstation. SMI can customize quantity orders of the Handbook with your company's name and logo for use as a customer incentive gift. Contact SMI for details. More info.

Quantity Price .
 1 $27.00
2-9 $25.00
10-49 $22.00
50-99 $20.00
100+ $18.00

Mechanical Springs by A.M.Wahl

Price: $112.00

In addition to practical design, this 317-page hardcover book provides an extensive treatment of theories underlying the design of many types of mechanical springs. These types include coned-disk, torsion, flat, ring, torsion-bar and rubber springs, with emphasis on the widely used helical compression and extension springs. 2nd edition. More info.

Regulatory Compliance Programs for springmakers

Price: $170.00

Five written regulatory-compliance programs for springmakers - Bloodborne Pathogens, HazCom, Confined Spaces, Lockout/Tagout and Emergency Action - are offered in one convenient binder. A series of safety worksheets for self-inspection and compliance are included.

Safety Posters
(available in English and Spanish versions)

Safety Posters (English)
Price: $60.00/set

Take a fun approach to a serious subject - safety - with this set of six posters. Each cartoon poster carries an important message about safety in a humorous way that's sure to evoke a few chuckles. Each of the six full-color posters has a unique design. The set of six posters is also available in Spanish. More info.

Safety Posters (Spanish)
Price: $60.00/set

Spring Design Publications
Four important references that no springmaker should do without
1. Fundamentals of Spring Design
A practical guide for design engineers or those responsible for designing springs. A sufficient amount of detail is included so that designers without computerized programs can generate optimum solutions to spring design problems. More info.

Fundamentals of Spring Design Pricing

Quantity Price
1-11 $25.00
12-23 $22.00
24-35 $20.00
36+ $18.00

2. Compression, Extension, Torsion and Garter Springs

This publication outlines the basic design concepts for compression, extension, torsion and garter springs -- the most common varieties with the most universal automotive, industrial, business and electronic applications. More info.

Compression, Extension, Torsion and Garter Springs Pricing

 Quantity Price 
1-11 $25.00
12-23 $22.00
24-35 $20.00
36+ $18.00

3. Other Types of Springs
Design principles of specialized springs are included in this publication. Spring types include retaining rings, spring washers, belleville washers, power and constant-force springs, and spiral springs. More info.

Other Springs Pricing

Quantity Price
1-11 $25.00
12-23 $22.00
24-35 $20.00
36+ $18.00

4. Testing and Tolerancing
Global markets require an understanding and standardization of the way springs are made and tested. This important publication addresses these international issues. More info.

Testing and Tolerancing Pricing

Quantity  Price 
1-11 $20.00
12-23 $18.00
24-35 $16.00
36+ $14.00

Encyclopedia of Spring Design (Four-Volume Set)

A composite of the four volumes listed above, the Encyclopedia of Spring Design contains the technical knowledge to help develop a design, choose the right material and test the finished product.

This valuable reference was created by the Technical Committee of the Spring Manufacturers Institute. More info.
Quantity Price
1 $85.00
2-10 $76.00
11-25 $72.00
26+ 68.00

Springs Magazine Subscription
(outside North America):
Subscriptions are free. However, those outside North America will be charged $50 shipping/handling per calendar year. Subscriptions processed after the January issue is published will be pro-rated based on the number of issues left in the year. Subscription renewal notices will be sent via e-mail at the end of the calendar year for the following year.

Shipping/Handling: $50.00

Springs Magazine Subscription
(within North America):

Subscriptions are free.

Price: $0

Springs Magazine back issues:
Many springmakers maintain a complete library of Springs quarterly magazine, using it as a reference for technical solutions. Limited quantities of past issues may be purchased.

Past Issues, Price: $20.00

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