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October 2006 Vol.45 No. 4

Preventive Maintenance Tips for Your Inline Conveyor Ovens - Part II: The Insulated Box
By Daniel Pierre III, JN Machinery Corp.

Anatomy of a CNC Coiler
What to look for in the various machine elements when choosing a compression spring coiler
By Takashi Takumi, Shinko Machinery Co. Ltd.

Just Droopy Enough
A new approach to coiling tooling and coiling machine control helps springmakers meet medical spring flexibility requirements
By Howard A. Greis, Kine-Spin/Sleeper Division - Kinefac Corp.

Why CNC Spring Coilers?
Though it may seem too expensive to invest in modern
equipment, not upgrading may actually cost you more in the long run
By Chris Dix, RK Trading Co.

Tailor Made
Stainless strip supplier customizes material grades to meet springmakers’ requirements
By Will Keenan, Ulbrich Specialty Strip Mill

New Technology
Machinery suppliers discuss trends and innovations in spring equipment
By Raquel Chole, special contributor

Spring World, Oct. 18-20, 2006, Preview of Exhibits

Exacting Standards
Measuring perpendicularity and parallelism (E1 and E2) of compression springs using vision technology
By Larry Sheiman, SAS Inc.

A Machine for the Production of Sophisticated Extended Loop Springs
By Matthias Grauer, Wafios AG

Spotlight on the Shop Floor
CNC Coilers are Here to Stay
By Randy DeFord, Mid-West Spring & Stamping

Be Aware: Safety Tips From Jim Wood
OSHA’s Top Money Makers for 2005

Technically Speaking with Luke Zubek
Inclusions in Steel: Where do they come from?

IST Spring Technology
Compression Spring Equipment, Design and Non-Axial Performance
By Mark Hayes

Checkpoint: Business Tips From Phil Perry
Forecast 2007: What factors will influence next year’s spring business climate

Motivation Management
Creating a Legacy: What will you leave behind?
By Roz Usheroff, The Usheroff Institute

President’s Message:
Technology Advances Springmaking Process

Global Highlights

Inside SMI:

New Products

Stanley J. Banas, Stanley Spring and Stamping Corp.

missing image fileChicago Association of Spring Manufacturers

Spring World 2006 Show Preview
October 18-20 • Rosemont, IL

Going to Spring World 2006? Plan ahead to get the most of your excursion using the following advertiser previews of show exhibits.

Admiral Steel

Admiral Steel offers quick service delivery of specialty flat-rolled steels; low carbon, high carbon and alloy. The shipping also includes slit, shear, cut-length, edge condition and gauge correct.

Booth No. 928

Alloy Wire

Staff of Alloy Wire will assist visitors with a range of cold-drawn round wire, flat wire and shaped wire. Alloy Wire International Ltd. is a UK wire manufacturer specializing in the production of high-performance alloys, mainly nickel alloys, but also including cobalt and titanium alloys.

Booth No. 1025

American Spring Wire

American Spring Wire’s product line includes valve and commercial quality grade wires in carbon and alloy steels. They are available in round flat and shaped profiles, in diameters from 0.035 in. (0.90 mm) to 0.625 in. (16 mm). Specialty materials include 1% seam restricted, high-tensile special alloys and restricted tolerances.

Booth No. 920

Anchor Abrasives Co.

Anchor Abrasives will display its line of custom abrasives. Anchor specializes in the design and manufacture of resin, epoxy and oxychloride bonded nut-inserted discs and cylinders for disc grinding operations.

Booth No. 627

sw NIMSCO Bennett.epsBennett Mahler/NIMSCO

Bennett Mahler and NIMSCO will exhibit the new 5/8 in. capacity MC-16 CNC lathe coiler with automatic wire feed and cut. Complementing the MC-16 coiler will be the demonstration of the Bennett DHG 660 dry horizontal-spindle infeed single-end grinder with 26 in. grinding wheel. Bennett Mahler’s complete line of UG downfeed/crash grinders (UG-24 on display) and standard 8 in. and 14 in. crash grinders with latest improvements will also be featured.

Booth No. 905

sw Dell.epsDell Marking Systems

Dell will exhibit its line of contact and non-contact marking systems, marking inks and markers. Dell inks are formulated for all types of marking applications, including manual marking, dip spin, tumbling and spray markings. Pigmented inks are visible on almost any material, including dark surfaces. Non-pigmented inks provide minimal film thickness and high visibility on bright surfaces, and won’t settle or separate.

Booth No. 1112

missing image fileElgiloy Specialty Metals

Elgiloy, a division of Combined Metals of Chicago LLC, manufactures over 70 different cobalt, nickel and titanium based alloys in strip, foil, wire and bar. Contact Elgiloy to check stock for assorted spring-temper alloys, such as Elgiloy, Inconel, Hastelloy and MP-35N in diameters from 0.018 in. up to 0.625 in.

Booth No. 1132

sw FormSyst Emanon.epsEmanon Corp. / FSI

Emanon Corp. will exhibit its three head (Trandem) THM series spring grinder. This efficient grinder utilizes three 18 in. grinding stations to provide high speed, close tolerance spring grinding for a wide range of springs.

Booth No. 505

Fenn Technologies

Fenn Technologies will demonstrate the “Torin Z” Series CNC precision high-speed spring coilers, “Vinston Round Face” CNC spring and wire formers and “T.S.” precision stamping and forming machines.

Booth No. 315

sw FormSyst.epsForming Systems Inc.

Forming Systems Inc. (FSI) will show the latest springmaking, spring testing, wire forming and production accessory equipment from worldwide companies. Included will be HTC spring machinery, HIS ovens and payoffs, TBE multiform machines for automated 3-D wire forming, Whitelegg Machines Ltd. wire forming/welding systems, Jaykase programmable tabletop wire bending machines, SAS spring testing equipment and Simas srl ring coiling machines.

Booth 505

Gibbs Wire & Steel Co. Inc.

With its network of metal service centers across the U.S. and Canada, Gibbs supplies customers with a wide range of stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy steel strip and wire, including Preco Z and Preco N music wire, valve-quality wire, and Inconel, beryllium copper and phosphor bronze material.

Booth 1114

Haldex Garphyttan Wire Co.

Garphyttan manufactures spring wire from various alloys for use mainly in applications where the quality and performance requirements are strict, such as combustion engines and transmissions. The main applications are valve springs, transmission springs, piston rings and springs for fuel-injection systems. Production is carried out in Sweden, the U.S. and, beginning later this year, China.

Booth No. 1226

Hsin Tong Chen Machinery Ltd. (HTC) /FSI

HTC will exhibit the new 35XR eight-axis spring and wire former and its complete line of high-speed multi-axis CNC spring coiling machines with wire ranges of 0.004 in. to 0.472 in. HTC will also introduce the HTC 80CX 8 mm, seven-axis spring coiler. In addition, the company will exhibit its complete line of accessory equipment, including conveyor ovens, box ovens, spiral ovens, payoff reels, part collectors, part washers, spring gages and part conveyors.

Booth No. 505

Industrial Steel & Wire Co. (ISW)

Industrial Steel & Wire supplies spring wire from stock at five locations coast to coast. Each stock has a wide range of spring wire from 0.005 in. up to 0.625 in. with coils, carriers, spools, reels, cores cut-to-length, and torsion-straightened options. There is stainless, music, hard-drawn, bright and galvanized oil-tempered, chrome silicon and a range of nonferrous spring wires.

Booth No. 0921

Isw NIMSCO IST.epsnstitute of Spring Technology (IST) / Nimsco

IST will introduce the entry-level LTE automatic spring load tester with a range of 0-225 lbs. Also on display will be the TT1-1 automatic torsion spring tester and the latest version of the IST spring design software package. IST offers a line of automatic and spring load testers, spring fatigue testers and spring failure analysis services.

Booth 909

Instron Corp.

Instron will exhibit its line of spring testing equipment and software. Products include testers for compression, extension and torsion springs, fatigue and fracture testing, hardness testing, and other special applications.

Booth No. 1129

missing image fileInterWire Group

The InterWire Group’s eight U.S. distribution centers provide ferrous and non-ferrous spring wire, and special-temper wire and strip, as well as perform second-process operations, such as flattening, shaping, plating, torsion straightening, and straightening and cutting. InterWire is the exclusive distributor of Bekaert’s Bezinal coating and a manufacturer of ferrous and non-ferrous strip.

Booth No. 721

sw FormSyst JKayse.epsJaykase Mf./FSI

Jaykase will exhibit its line of tabletop CNC wire-bending machines for the small-order and prototype-development industry. These tabletop benders for wire up to 1.0 in. diameter are completely programmable.

Booth No. 505

sw JN Machinery.epsJN Machinery

JN will exhibit its line of electric conveyor furnaces for stress relieving springs, especially for heat treating stainless steel and carbon steel wire. Another use is with JN’s TRC paint system. Aqua-TRC is a heat-activated paint for tempering, rust protection and color coding.

Booth No. 621


Kiswire Group Ltd. will assist springmakers with their spring wire needs, including piano wire, music wire, shaped wire, high-carbon spring wire and oil-tempered wire. In addition, the company focuses on product development through joint ventures with automobile, machinery and construction companies. Kiswire also manufactures bead wire, steel cord and hose wire, galvanized steel wire and strand, wire rope, and PC wire and strand.

Booth No. 1029

Larson Systems Inc. (LSI)

LSI will exhibit its line of testing products, which cover a range of performance and price points. These include Lynx and Panther spring gages, hand testers, free-length gages, sorting devices, force gages, automatic testers, torsion spring testers and PC software.

Booth No. 1121

Maguire Machinery LLC / Okuno

Maguire provides sales and service in the Americas for Okuno. They will exhibit machinery for wire and strip forming, wave springs and wave washers, flat and round wire rings, and CNC coiling.

Booth No. 405

sw Mapes.epsMapes Piano String Co.

Mapes manufactures piano wire, music spring wire, aluminum zinc (Galfan) galvanized coated music wire, aluminum zinc (Galfan) hard drawn, galvanized coated hard drawn, high-tensile missile wire, tin-zinc-coated music spring wire, high-carbon flat wire, copper wire, low-carbon nickel-plated steel, Type 430 stainless, C240 brass, 521 bronze and 205 nickel alloys. The Mapes mill offers blanket orders and warehousing capabilities.

Booth No. 1324

sw NIMSCO Micro.epsMicroStudio / Nimsco

MicroStudio will demonstrate its new line of digital camera gauging systems (LED50), the visual on-line inspection system (LED50T) with 100-percent production test capability, and the LED 3D camera analyzer that takes and measures spring geometry in real time. MicroStudio supplies camera video gauging units (integrated and stand-alone), featuring digital control technology.

Booth No. 1012

Mount Joy Wire Corp.

Mount Joy manufactures spring wire for a variety of applications. Products include chrome silicon, tempered, music, shaped, hard-drawn, plated, rocket and low-carbon wire in sizes down to 0.002 in. Capabilities include lead patenting, 100-percent chemical cleaning, spheroid annealing, oil tempering and tinning.

Booth No. 1526

Moyer Companies

Moyer Manufacturing Co. Inc. will exhibit mechanical and CNC grinders, automation and set-removal equipment, and payoffs/dereelers. The computer-controlled three-axis grinder features ease of setup, wheel-wear compensation, automatic grind line and dress position.

Moyer Process & Control will exhibit its line of gages and part sorters, including the Magic Touch Probe System and the Merlin free-length gage.

Booth No. 626

North American Spring Tool Co.

North American Spring Tool is a supplier of steel and carbide tooling to the spring industry. The company will display a range of steel and carbide tooling such as coiling points, feed rolls, guides, arbors, quills and pitch tools. In addition, carbide or cermet skiving tools can be viewed and discussed. Design and engineering assistance is also available.

Booth No. 1015

sw NE Steel.epsNortheast Steel Corp.

Northeast Steel is a distributor of bright basic, HDMB CL-I, II, III, phosphate music wire, annealed in-process low/high carbon, stainless steel OTMB, OTCS, OTCV, galvanized basic, HDMB and music wire. Its in-house products include tin and cad/zinc-coated basic, HDMB, music, N.E.S. drawn patented HDMB, and low-tensile HDMB wire.

Booth No. 927

sw_Norwalk.epsNorwalk Innovation Inc.

Norwalk will exhibit the Un-Coiler coil payoff system. The latest generation Un-Coiler features a patented drive; clockwise/counterclockwise uncoiling; portability; and proprietary composite-material caster wheel for load support. It feeds coiled materials automatically to meet the demand rate of the job without separate speed-control settings, and is designed to reduce downtime, increase production time, improve safety of operations and reduce stock damage. Norwalk also offers the shuttle Linear Pneumatic transporter that works in an upward-slope configuration and can operate as a scrap remover, press feeder, conveyor and transporter.

Booth No. 314

sw Numalliance.epsNumalliance Group/NIMSCO

Numalliance and its U.S.A. subsidiary, Numeramerica, will exhibit the Robomac series of 3D CNC wire forming machines, including the new, faster Robomac 206NG with the latest style controller, programming, and touch screen operator interface. In addition, the Numalliance Latour and Macsoft models of automatic feed and form machines have been supplemented this year with the new FD series of fully programmable 3D CNC wire formers using straightened and cut lengths of wire. The FD38 will be exhibited and demonstrated. The FD series can be used for prototype, sample and short-run work. It also takes the load off automatic machines that are typically tied up running larger volume parts.

Booth No. 1014

OMD Officina Mechanica

OMD will exhibit its spring grinding machines, coiling machines, torsion spring coiling machines, bending machines for torsion or tension springs, coiling benches for cold- and hot-coiled springs, chamfering machines, and cold-setting or hot-setting equipment. OMD also makes machines for customers’ specific requirements, and offers a range of integrated products, such as furnaces, reel carriers, and measuring and control devices.

Booth No. 505

Precision Steel Warehouse (PSW)

PSW will assist visitors with its line of carbon, stainless and specialty spring wire and strip materials. The ISO-certified company offers custom processing, SPC, EDI and bar coding.

Booth No. 1113

Proto Manufacturing

Proto will exhibit its line of automated non-destructive testing systems and services. These include systems for residual stress measurement, which are designed to improve fatigue life, delay crack initiation, verify heat treatment and validate shot peening. Proto also provides measurement services, and contract research and development.

Booth No. 926

Pyromaître Inc.

Over the past 15 years, Pyromaître has developed a process and equipment to stress relieve spring wire at very high speeds. The Pyro process is designed to be fast, precise and reject-free. It was approved seven years ago for automotive valve springs in America. The company offers a range of standard and custom-designed models to accommodate many different applications.

Booth No. 1525

missing image fileRadcliff Wire Inc.

Radcliff Wire produces flat, square, and special shaped wire in 40 metals and alloys. All wire is precision-made to customer specifications. Providing manufacturers with hard-to-locate shaped wire, Radcliff supplies quality material to the world spring industry.

Booth No. 1013

RK Trading / Bobbio, EasyDur, Herdon

RK has added Bobbio and EasyDur equipment to its product line. RK will display this machinery, along with its existing line of Herdon coilers and formers. Bobbio manufactures multi-axis CNC spring coiling machines. EasyDur manufactures test equipment for many applications, including all types of springs. Herdon machinery is designed for ruggedness, easy programming and versatility.

Booth No. 707

sw shinko.epsShinko Machinery Co. Ltd.

Shinko Machinery of Japan will exhibit its CG12, CG20, CG 40 and CG60 for compression springs, and the newly designed UF35A for torsion springs and wire forms. Shinko’s mechanical structure operation software will be available. Visitors will be able to operate the machines on site.

Booth No. 1213

sw FormSyst SIMAS.epsSimas s.r.l./FSI

Simas will exhibit the latest CNC ring coiling machines designed for high-speed production of shaped wire rings and round wire rings. The features include third-axis oval (elliptical) ring production capability and a wide variety of end cutoff configurations. Simas will introduce the new RCM series of coilers designed for production of small rings, below 1.5 in. diameter.

Booth No. 505

sw Gibraltar.epsSimco / Gibraltar Corp.

Simco and its North American agent, Gibraltar, will demonstrate a full range of CNC spring coilers, wire/strip formers, grinding machines, furnaces and spring testers.

Booth No. 521

sw NISMCO Simplex.epsSimplex Rapid / Nimsco

Simplex-Rapid will exhibit the Model MC-30 coiler for 0.02 to 0.120 in. wire with the new patented initial tension control feature. Also on display will be the large-capacity MC-70 for 0.059 in. to 0.280 in. wire, featuring quick changeover from right- to left-hand coiling (from the controller) as a standard option. Simplex-Rapid offers a line of MC series coilers for 0.004 in. to 0.625 in. wire and a new complementary P series of wire payoffs with ”auto-adaptive” speed control. A Secem straighten and cut machine will also be demonstrated at the show.

Booth No. 1005

Spring Analysis Systems Inc./FSI

Spring Analysis Systems (SAS) will exhibit the new CTV 1600 spring testing, vision and pitch tracing system and its line of automatic fatigue testing machines for compression and extension springs. Also on display will be the complete line of automatic spring testing systems for compression, extension and torsion springs including: upgraded software modules for spring analysis, statistical control, production control, and measurement data collection interface (calipers, mics, etc.).

Booth No. 505

Spring Tooling Ltd.

Spring Tooling will exhibit its line of spring tooling parts and equipment for all makes of spring coiling machines. High-speed steel, solid carbide and carbide-tipped parts are available. The company also manufactures custom-made tooling parts. A.I. Technology is Spring Tooling’s North American agent.

Booth No. 821

sw tak.epsTak Enterprises Ltd.

Tak will display its linear material-management products. These include, individually or as part of an integrated system, decoiling; straightening; feeding; as well as cut-to-length and forming systems for fine wire, thin strip and other linear materials. The company also provides contract manufacturing services.

Booth No. 832

sw FormSyst TBE.epsT. Butler Engineering Ltd./FSI

T. Butler Engineering Ltd. (TBE) will exhibit the latest developments for its leading multiform machines, offering automation technology for complicated springs and wire forms. TBE specializes in elimination of costly secondary operations in wire ranges up to 12 mm.

Booth No. 505

missing image fileTool King Inc.

Tool King is a metal service center, supplying spring manufacturers with precision slit and edged flat-rolled products in tempered and annealed spring steels and stainless steels since 1976. It has seven slitting lines and three skiving lines, and stocks a range of 301/302 tempered stainless steel from 0.005 in. to 0.062 in.

Booth No. 1500

sw Ulbrich.epsUlbrich Stainless Steels & Special Metals Inc.

Ulbrich offers stainless steel and precipitation hardening alloys with gauge tolerances and precision tempers, including T301; T302; 15-7, 17-4 and 17-7 PH alloys; 718 and X750. Ulbrich offers wide to narrow widths in pancake and oscillate-wound coils, and can help with metallurgy.

Booth No. 1212

sw FormSyst Whitelegg.epsWhitelegg Machines Ltd./FSI

Whitelegg Machines will exhibit its latest line of 2-D CNC wire forming and welding machines, spiral machines, and 3-D magazine feed benders. Production products include frames, welded frames, rings, welded rings and headrests.

Booth No. 505

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