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Vol. 55 No.4
Spring 2016 Vol. 55 No.4
Alternative Materials Flashback: Titanium
Nitinol: Taming the Magic Metal
Composite Leaf Springs
SpringWorld Preview
Vol. 55 No.3
Spring 2016 Vol. 55 No.3
Spring Applications: Past, Present & Future Anthology of Patent Memorabilia
Unusual Applications for Metal Formed Products
Spring Industry Future: 7 Takeaways for SMI Members
SMI Partners with NESMA for Metal Engineering eXpo
Vol. 55 No.2
Spring 2016 Vol. 55 No.2
Workplace Efficiency Central Wire Industries Looks at Efficiencies
The Seven Step Productivity Pyramid
Why Your Employees Aren't Performing and What You Can Do About It
"E" in Efficiency Stands for Engagement
SMI's Heart and Soul, Lynne Carr Celebrates 20 Years
Vol. 55 No.1
Winter 2016 Vol. 55 No.1
Human Resources How SMI Companies Manage Human Resources
Are You Creating a Culture Unwanted Employees?
Twelve Low-Cost Suggestions for Welcoming New Hires
Taking a Conscious Approach to Your Hiring Practices

Vol. 54 No.4
Fall 2015 Vol. 54 No.4
SMI's Metal Engineering Expo Expo Show Program & Schedule
Full Expo Story
Technology Affects Our Business
Winning the Talent Wars
Exhibitor Preview
Vol. 54 No.3
Summer 2015 Vol. 54 No.3
Additiive Manufacturing Is Additive Manufacturing in Your Future
Go Lean_and Do It Your Way
SMI Annual Meeting
Vol. 54 No.2
Spring 2015 Vol. 54 No.2
A Salute to the Troops Lewis Spring: 70 Years as a Veteran-Owned Company
Mapes Piano String Company Played a Role in WWII
SMI and the U.S. Army
The Veteran and the Spring Industry
Vol. 54 No.1
Winter 2015 Vol. 54 No.1
Factories of the Future
Factories of the Future
Navigating the ERP Terrain
Building an Entrepreneurial Culture
Competing in a Global Spring Market:
The Benefits of Extra-Company Trade
Creating an Injury-Free Workplace

Vol. 53 No.4
Fall 2014 Vol. 53 No.4
The World of Metals
Metals Supply: 6 Trends to Watch
Can Aluminum Replace Steel
in the Automotive Market?
Flashback: Customizing
Stainless Strip for Specialty
Spring Needs
Vol. 53 No.3
Summer 2014 Vol. 53 No.3
SMI Plans its Future Introduction to Strategic Market Planning
Skills Gap Threatens Manufacturing Growth
SMI Scholarship Program Awards

Vol. 53 No.2

Spring 2014 Vol. 53 No.2
Springmakers Connect with the Electrical Industry Family Feud
Mexico's Growing Metal Class
SMI 81st Annual Meeting Recap
Vol. 53 No.1
WInter 2014 Vol. 53 No.1
Robots Robots and the Spring Industry
Fall Business Meeting is a Winner
Comforting Earthquake Victims

Vol. 52 No.4
Fall 2013 Vol. 52 No.4
80 Years of SMI SMI Celebrates Its 80th Anniversary
SMI Past Presidents Speak
Inside a Steel Service Center
Kern-Liebers Texas Celebrates 25 Years
Vol. 52 No.3
Summer 2013 Vol. 52 No.3
Celebrating the FOURSLIDE
Old World Values in High Tech Era
Process Optimization Through Failure Analysis
SMI 80th Annual Meeting Recap

Vol. 52 No.2

Spring 2013 Vol. 52 No.2
Springmakers Chart the New Polltical Landscape Manufacturers Growth Agenda
Over the Fiscal Cliff for Tax Savings
America's Growing Minerals Deficit
Online Furances & 17-7 Stainless Steel
Vol. 52 No.1
Winter 2013 Vol. 52 No.1
Plugging the Skills Gap Plugging the Skills Gap in Spring Manufacturing.
Tap into the Power of Thanks.
Hack Attack.

Vol. 51 No.4
Winter 2012 Vol. 51 No.4
50th Anniversary Issue 50 Years in the Spring Industry.
What is Special Shaped Wire.
Decarburization in Steel Wire.
Optimizing the Energy Consumption During Spring Coiling.
Vol. 51 No.3
Summer 2012 Vol. 51 No.3
Reshoring Bringing Manufacturing Jobs Back to North America.
Dispatch from Düsseldorf.
The Potential of Potential.
Vol. 51 No.2
Spring 2012 Vol. 51 No.2
Getting Serious about Safety Safety with a Tax Deduction.
Wellness Programs Reduces Work Comp Costs.
Why and How to Conduct a Factory Tour.
Vol. 51 No.1
Winter 2012 Vol. 51 No.1
Springs in the Leisure Industry Celebrating Springs in
Leisure Products
The Three Circles of a
Family Business

Vol. 50 No.4
Fall 2011 Vol. 50 No.4
Springs Medical Industry Medical Spring Industry:
Materials & Applications
Strategies for Success

Vol. 50 No.3
Summer 2011 Vol. 50 No.3
Social Media & Manufacturing Innovations Social Media in the Workplace.
Innovations That Could Change
the Way You Manufacture.
Vol. 50 No.2
Winter 2011 Vol. 50 No.2
Aerospace and Aviation Markets Springmakers with “The Right Stuff”
Forecast 2011:
Recovery Brings Opportunities
Meaningful Conversations

Vol. 50 No.1

Winter 2011 Vol. 50 No.1
Aerospace and Aviation Markets Springmakers with “The Right Stuff”
Forecast 2011:
Recovery Brings Opportunities
Meaningful Conversations

Vol. 49 No.4
Fall 2010 Vol. 49 No.4
State of the
Predictions and Developments.
Balance Between Capital Equipment and Part Price.
Top Causes of Spring Failures.
Vol. 49 No.3
Summer 2010 Vol. 49 No.3
Springs Flashback Issue Springs Flashback Issue.
What It Takes for Lean to Deliver Bottom Line Results-Part II.
Vol. 49 No.2
Spring 2010 Vol. 49 No.2
Spring Suppliers Issue Snapshots from the International
Spring Industry.
What it Takes for Lean to Deliver
Bottom Line Results-Part I.
Vol. 49 No.1
Winter 2010 Vol. 49 No.1
Sales & Marketing Avoiding a Lethal Disconnect:
Getting Sales and Marketing Out of Their Silos.

Vol. 48 No.4

Oct 2009 Vol. 48 No.4
Springmakers Get Technical The Benefits of Advanced Production Planning.
The Importance of Test Correlation.
Vol. 48 No.3
July 2009 Vol. 48 No.3
Automotive Applications Automotive Industry:
The Road Ahead
for Springmakers.
Vol. 48 No.2
April 2009 Vol. 48 No.2
Mergers and Acquisitions Mergers & Acquisitions.
Bargain Hunting for Survival.
Ownership & Accountability.
Vol. 48 No.1
January 2009 Vol. 48 No.1
Washington and
Wall Street
Washington & Wall Street:
Bailout Bill Provides Many Tax Breaks for Springmakers.

Vol. 47 No.4

Oct. 2008 Vol.47 No.4
Springs & Energy Applications Energy & Spring Industry.
Springs, Energy and Hidden Potential.
New Environment for Manufacturers.
Vol. 47 No.3
July 2008 Vol. 47 No.3
Spring History A History of Springs.
Unusual Applications.
Shot Peening.
Fighting for a Level Playing Field.
Vol. 47 No.2
April 2008 Vol. 47 No.2
Spring Materials How Do Temperature Controllers Work?
European Costing Acrobatics.
Value vs. Price.
Vol. 47 No.1
Jan. 2008 Vol. 47 No.1
Spring Production The Power of Association.
New Possibilities in Spring Production.
Shot Peening Coverage.

Vol. 46 No.4

Spring Materials Spring Material Costs.
Heat Treating and Stress Relief.
Reducing Parts Handling Time.
Vol. 46 No.3
Spring Materials Has Quality Become a Commodity?
A Solid Base for Success
Torsion Spring Testing.
Universal Spring Former.
Vol. 46 No.2
Sales, Marketing & Global Competition Top 10 Sales Urban.
Guidance on Updated DFARS Specialty Metals Provision.
Words That Sell.
Vol. 46 No.1
Lean Manufacturing From Lean, Leaner, Leanest Production to Where?
Can Manufacturers Thrive in the Culture of Change.

Vol. 45 No.4

Spring Equipment Preventive Maintenance Tips.
Anatomy of a CNC Coiler.
Just Droopy Enough.
Why CNC Spring Coilers?
Vol. 45 No.3
Global Market Strategies Preserve the Experiences of Your Family Business.
Is Your Business Identity at Risk?
Vol. 45 No.2
Spring Materials High-Performance Stainless and Specialty Wire.
Grinding Tight-Tolerance Springs.
Vol. 45 No.1
Small Business, Family Business Preserve the Experiences of Your Family Business.
Is Your Business Identity at Risk?

Vol. 44 No.4

Oct. 2005 Vol. 44 No.4
Materials and Production Costs Spring Material Costs.
Heat Treating.
Reducing Parts Handling Time.
Vol. 44 No.3
July 2005 Vol. 44 No.3
Improvements in Manufacturing Has Quality Become a Commodity?
A Solid Base for Success.
Torsion Spring Testing.
Universal Spring Former.
Vol. 44 No.2
April 2005 Vol.44 No.2
Springs Magazine's Greatest Hits Can springmakers expect relief in 2005?
Springing to Beat Your Chinese Competition
Vol. 44 No.1
Jan. 2005 Vol. 44 No.1
Cost and Profitability Price Equals Perception.
Effective Costing.
Looking to the East.
New Tax Cuts for Manufacturers.

Vol. 43 No.4

Oct. 2004 Vol. 43 No.4
Service and Springmaking Servicing Customers Inside and Out.
Wire, A Brief History.
Spring Testing: Automated vs. Manual.
Vol. 43 No.3
July 2004 Vol. 43 No.3
Springs Everywhere Everywhere!
Where are Springs Used?
What Then?
Outsourcing Update.
Vol. 43 No.2
Oct. 2004 Vol. 43 No.4
Best Employees Best Employees.
Attract, Retain and Motivate.
Material Market Shake-up.
Vol. 43 No.1
Jan. 2004 Vol. 43 No.1
Politics and Springmaking Restoring Manufacturing in America.
What Fuels China's Growth?
Exporting ASD6.

Vol. 42 No.6

Dec. 2003 Vol. 42 No.6
New Products What's Cold and Hot in the Spring Industry.
Ready for Fusion. Management?
Vol. 42 No.5
Oct. 2003 Vol.42 No.5
SMI's 70th Anniversary Past Presidents the Driving Force Behind SMI's 70 History.
Bringing European Springmakers Together.
Vol. 42 No.4
August 2003 Vol. 42 No.4
Global Markets Global Competition.
ISO Brings Business Processes Up to Speed.
Personal Liability.
Vol. 42 No.3
June 2003 Vol. 42 No.3
Employee Motivation Motivation.
7 European Perspectives.
7 Strategies for Generating Ideas.
Vol. 42 No.2
April 2003 Vol. 42 No.2
Spring Materials 2 Decades of Improved Steel Practices Aid Springmakers.
Stainless Spring Steels.
High Performance Alloys.
Vol. 42 No.1
Feb. 2003 Vol.42 No.1
Training for Success Customer Satisfaction.
Accurate Spring Testing.
Cross Training for Success.

Vol. 41 No.6

Dec. 2002 Vol. 41 No.6
Spring Production Quality: The Ultimate Goal.
Six Sigma Deployment.
Transition to ISO 9001:2000
Maintaining Profitability in a Tough Year.
Vol. 41 No.5
Oct. 2002 Vol.41 No.5
Modern Technology Exploring Modern Technology
The State of the Art Springmaking.
Duplex Stainless Steels.
Spring World Show Preview.
Vol. 41 No.4
August 2002 Vol. 41 No.4
Inside Spring Industry External Forces at Work in the Spring Industry.
Reacting to the Steel Act.
Lateral Loading of Semi-Barrel Springs.
Vol. 41 No.3
June 2002 Vol. 41 No.3
International Spring Influences Cultural Influences:
The human factor in the international spring business equation.
Vol. 41 No.2
April 2002 Vol. 41 No.2
Analysis and Improvement Best Practices:
Working with Capital Management.
Wire Industry Outlook
Improving Processes and Profitability.
Vol. 41 No.1
Feb. 2002 Vol.41 No.1
Production and Profitability Workplace Safety:
A Delicate Balance between Production and Profitability.
Stainless Steels and Special Metals.
VPP for Safety and Health Excellence.

Vol. 40 No.6

Dec. 2001 Vol. 40 No.6
Community Relationships Communication Renaissance.
Isolationism is no Longer an Option.
Building Community Relationships.
Testing Torsion Springs.
Springs Readership Study.
Vol. 40 No.5
Oct. 2001 Vol.40 No.5
Governing the Spring Industry Springmakers and the Law.
Government vs. Business.
Rotary Wire Infeed.
Spring Grinding Theory and Practice.
Vol. 40 No.4
August 2001 Vol. 40 No.4
Springmaking Production Innovations Setup Reduction Programing.
Springmaking Process Innovations.
Profitable Packing.
Certified Micro-Coiling Tools.
Vol. 40 No.3
June 2001 Vol. 40 No.3
Education and Training Education and Training Issue.
Global Shortage of Skilled Workers.
Establishing Fabrication Methods.
Sale of a Business.
ISO9001:2000 Measurement.
Vol. 40 No.2
April 2001 Vol. 40 No.2
Business Management Family Business.
Management with Heart and Brain.
Conflict Over "Work Ethic".
Automation Solution.
Working Wire, Making History.
Vol. 40 No.1
Feb. 2001 Vol.40 No.1
Communication Communication Renaissance.
Isolationism is no Longer an Option.
Building Community Relationships.
Springing in Mexico.
International Spring Marketplace.

Vol. 39 No.4

2000 Vol. 39 No.4
Production and Employees Spring Production Professionals.
Changes & Challenges on the Shop Floor.
ISO 9001:2001 in a Nutshell.
Characteristics of Constant Force Springs.
Vol. 39 No.3
2000 Vol. 39 No.3
New Products The Most Sizzling Issues in the Spring Industry Today.
Auction Obsession.
Spring Grinding.
Ready for ISO 14001.
Cold Coiling Springs.
Vol. 39 No.2
Vol. 39 No.2
Manufacturing Lean Manufacturing.
Squeezing Your Manufacturing Dollar.
Running Today's Factory.
Design of Stranded Wire Springs.
Bending of Helical Springs.
Vol. 39 No.1
2000 Vol. 39 No.1
Supply Management Supply Chain Management.
Developed Wear Testing Methods.
Build a Better Work Force.
The Auction Obsession.

Vol. 38 No.4

1999 Vol.38 No.4
Spring History Looking Back on the 20th Century.
Development of Compression Spring Colliers.
Predicting Spring Fatigue.
Vol. 38 No.3
1999 Vol.38 No.3
Message to the Future Time Capsule of the Spring Industry.
Virtues of Single Point Coiling.
Business Tips.
Springmakers Masterpieces.
Spring Design Software Tools.
Vol. 38 No.2
1999 Vol.38 No.2
Making History Beryllium Copper Flat Springs.
Leading Ladies.
Torsion Spring Friction Buffer.
Coilability Testing for Carbon Steel Springs.
Vol. 38 No.1
1999 Vol.38 No.1
Looking Ahead to 21st Century Educating Tomorrow's Spring Engineers.
Spring Gaging.
Spring Load Testing Machines.
Bend or Slide?

Vol. 37 No.4

1998 Vol. 37 No.4
Safety First OSHA: Friend or Foe.
Hidden Costs of Poor Quality.
Design Rectangular Wire Springs.
Transition Management.
Simultaneous Engineering.
Vol. 37 No.3
1998 Vol. 37 No.3
Spring Materials Spring Failures & Their Causes.
Layperson's Guide to Drawing Stainless Steel Wire.
Layperson's Guide to Drawing High Carbon Steel Wire.
Vol. 37 No.2
1998 Vol. 37 No.2
Growth & Change in the Spring Industry Command Performance.
Outlook on Outsourcing.
Springs Land on Mars.
Pyro High Speed Stress Relief.
Vol. 37 No.1
1998 Vol. 37 No.1
Partners in Springmaking Pulling Together: A Case Study.
Good Customers: How to Identify Them.
Deflection in Barrel Springs.
Controlled Shot Peening.

Vol. 36 No.4

1997 Vol. 36 No.4
Wired Up CNC springmaking equipment.
Bar coding-Let the buyer beware.
Make your world wide web site.
Shopping for software.
Vol. 36 No.3
1997 Vol. 36 No.3
American Automobile Centennial Automotive springs.
100 years of Automobile.
Barrel spring buckling-deflection.
Induction heat treatment of wire.
Hire right.
Vol. 36 No.2
1997 Vol. 36 No.2
35th Anniversary Back to the future.
The road to ISO.
ISO/QS Management.
Wrestling with QS-9000.
Coils & loops spring testing.
Vol. 36 No.1
1997 Vol. 36 No.1
School to Springmaking Raising the next generation of manufacturers.
Career connections.
Service by Frank

Vol. 35 No.4

1996 Vol. 35 No.4
Evolution of Technology Microchips & black magic.
Springs with varying body radius.
Spring design gets graphic.
Art of custom Springmaking.
Vol. 35 No.3
1996 Vol. 35 No.3
By the numbers Pulse of the industry.
Road map to future.
From data to information.
Novel Mechanism for energy dissipation.
Vol. 35 No.2
1996 Vol. 35 No.2
Small Business
The large force that drives the nation's economy
American jobs shops in the global economy.
Small companies, Big issues.
Plating Panacea.
Growth financing
Vol. 35 No.1
1996 Vol. 35 No.1
Government and the Spring Industry Springmaker/politician.
Put it in writing.
ADA compliance.
Music wire: A note above

Vol. 34 No.2

1995 Vol. 34 No.2
Globalization of our Industry After NAFTA.
Max out on minimum values.
Fundamental frequency.
Structural Integrity.
Eastern view.
Vol. 34 No.1
1995 Vol. 34 No.1
Training Many faces of training.
Exploring U.S. productivity paradox.
Super clean steel improves valve springs.

Vol. 33 No.2

1994 Vol. 33 No.2
Evolving Management Styles Changing times shift emphasis to "demand and supply" philosophy.
Lean production for renewed provability.
What makes a good springmaker.
Vol. 33 No.1
1994 Vol. 33 No.1
Education in Manufacturing Worker education yields significant results.
Heat treatment for stress relieving.
NESMA solving local training problems.

Vol. 32 No.2

1993 Vol. 32 No.2
60th Anniversary OSHA Targets Small Business
Forget Volume, Think Profits
SMI Young Leaders Look at the Future
Managing Your Lender
Vol. 32 No.1
1993 Vol. 32 No.1
Industry in Transition Justifying the New Technologies
Sensors and Electronics in Springmaking
Re-engineer or Retire


Vol. 31 No.2

1992 Vol. 31 No.2
Taking the Mystery Out of Spring Design Force Testing of Springs
TQM is Everyone's Responsibility
Problems of Deformation Behavior of Leaf Springs in Precision Mechanics
Vol. 31 No.1
1992 Vol. 31 No.1
Plugging into a World Connection Shape Memory Actuators Improve Car Performance
Special Problems of Deflection Behavior of Flat Springs in Precision Mechanics

Vol. 30 No.2

1991 Vol. 30 No.2
Thermo-Variable Rate Springs Thermo-Variable Rate Springs
Tape and Reel Technology for Automatic Packaging and Feed of Springs
New Formulas for Curvature, Torsion, and Forces for Helical Springs
Vol. 30 No.1
1991 Vol. 30 No.1
Finding a Better Way Using Financial Information as a Management Tool
Improving Supplier Quality
Corrosion Protection Systems for Springs

Vol. 29 No.2

1990 Vol. 29 No.2
Service and the Spring Industry EDI - Today's Communication Tool of Tomorrow
The Proposed U.S.-Mexico Free Trade Agreement
Stranded Wire Helical Springs
Vol. 29 No.1
1990 Vol. 29 No.1
A Gold Star for Springmaking Dimensional Changes of Springs Made from Hard-Drawn Carbon Steel Wire
Disc Springs: Proposed DIN Standards Revisions
Teamwork Pays Off in Testing Accuracy

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