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Spring Media Kit

2017 Springs Media Kit

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Frequency Rates

Mechanical Specifications

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Springs Magazine is Your Connection to the Spring Industry Worldwide.

Don't wait for show time to inform potential customers
of your products and services.
Advertise in Springs magazine, and keep your company on
customers' minds all year long.

Published by springmakers for springmakers since 1962, Springs is the only publication that's dedicated to the precision mechanical spring industry. Our focus is on business issues associated with operating a spring company, as well as technical information on spring design, materials, secondary processes and equipment.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves: Key findings of our 2007 Readership Study demonstrate that Springs is highly valued by readers, and they respond to the advertisements it contains.

As a result of reading an ad in Springs, readers report taking the following actions:

  • Discussed the ad with a colleague - 65%.
  • Visited the advertiser's Web site for more information - 63%.
  • Contacted the advertiser directly - 49%.
  • Purchased the advertised product/service - 36%.
  • Referred the ad to appropriate company management - 40%.
  • Clipped/photocopied the ad for future reference - 31%.
  • None of the above - only 9%.

When finished reading Springs, subscribers:

  • File the entire issue for future reference - 59%.
  • Pass the issue along to someone else - 37%.
  • Discard - 13%.
  • Clip and file specific articles - 12%.

Subscribers report they read:

  • Most of the issue - 38%.
  • About half - 24%.
  • All of the issue - 22%.
  • Some of it - 15%.

Not just another mailbox filler, Springs is read, saved, passed along to others and discussed among colleagues.

Most importantly, when you advertise in Springs, you can be assured that not only will customers see your ads, but also they will act on them.

Advertise with us:
• Used equipment and surplus material
• Companies for sale

Classified ads may be up to fifty words, subject to editing.
$100 per ad; no display ads will be accepted for classified advertising.
All ads for companies for sale must be confidential and not include company’s name; company will only be known to the SMI professional staff. All replies will go to the SMI office or a third party.
Ads must be from Spring companies, fourslide companies or directly related industries. Classified in SPRINGS will not include help wanted ads.

For more details, contact Lynne Carr at 630.495.8588 or


Issuance and Closing Dates:

 Issue Ad Commitments Ad Materials
Winter Nov. 1 Nov. 15
Spring* Feb. 1 Feb. 15
Summer May 1 May 15
Fall* Aug. 1 Aug. 15
* show bonus distribution
Bonus Distribution: In addition to our regular circulation, Springs is circulated at all the major trade shows, giving advertisers even more exposure to their customers.

Wire – International Wire and Cable Trade Fair, Düsseldorf, Germany
SpringWorld – Rosemont IL

In Between Trade Shows: Advertising in Springs is the best way to keep customers thinking about your company and inform them of your products and services throughout the year.

Editorial Profile

Readership: Established by the Spring Manufacturers Institute (SMI) in 1962, Springs is a quarterly magazine published specifically for the precision mechanical spring industry worldwide - unique in concept, content and circulation. Addressed primarily to upper and middle managers, Springs is read by an audience of 9,688 spring industry professionals (as of 8/29/07) in the following countries:








Hong Kong




Costa Rica


The Netherlands





New Zealand







British Isles




United Kingdom




South Africa

United States of America




2017 Themes:

• Winter, Empowering Employees
• Spring, Trade Show Best Practices
• Summer, Customer Surveys
• Fall, SMI Metal Engineering Expo

*** Advertisers interested in contributing technical articles are encouraged to contact the editor by e-mail at or phone at (630) 495-8588.

Editorial Opportunities

Editorial Topics: Each issue of Springs includes a section of articles that focus, in-depth, on a specific topic of interest to springmakers. Articles are written by springmakers, researchers, suppliers, government experts, market analysts and others, each giving his or her unique perspective on the theme subject matter and how it relates to spring manufacturing.

  • Technology reports: You are invited to submit a bylined article relating to your area of expertise in the spring industry. Articles should be original, educational and non-promotional, including relevant charts and graphics. Authors may present one or more of the following: technological developments, research, case studies, applications, "how-tos," etc. Such articles provide useful information to the reader, as well as enhance your reputation and exposure in the spring industry. Articles should be at least 1,200 words in length. ***

  • Features: In-depth articles interviewing industry professionals on a specific topic, usually relating to the issue theme. Please inform the editor of your interest in participating in an interview.

  • New Products, Global Highlights and People in the News: Advertisers get priority placement of their product, company, personnel and events announcements in all Springs departments. News releases should be roughly 50 to 100 words and may be accompanied by color photos (electronic or prints).

    For more information about enhancing your program with editorial coverage in Springs, please contact the editor, by phone at (630) 495-8588.

Space Reservation Form

Frequency Rates

  • To obtain the 2x, 4x, or 6x rate, the issues must be specified on the Space Reservation Form. Advertisers must run total schedule within one year of first insertion or their frequency discount will be forfeited and ads will be billed at their actual frequency. Different size units may be combined for frequency rates.

  • Spreads for full and half pages are double the per-unit rate.

  • Electronic ads in PDF or EPS format with high-quality color proofs are preferred.

  • Advertisers who submit art mechanicals, other than complete negatives (right-reading, emulsion side down) and proofs will be billed for preparation.

 2017 Frequency Rates
(black & white)

ads per year

ads per year

ads per year

ad per year

 Full Page

$ 1,350/ad

$ 1,588/ad



 1/2 Page Island

$ 983/ad

 $ 1,156/ad



 1/2 Page Vertical
or Horizontal

$ 848/ad

$ 996/ad

 $ 1,231/ad


1/4 Page

$ 564/ad

 $ 664/ad

$ 819/ad


 Four-Color Process

Full page
add $1,153

Half page
add $871

Quarter page
add $410

  • The cost of color is added onto the appropriate black & white frequency rate (above).
  • Premium rates (below) include charges for four color process.
  • Color ads must be accompanied by a high-quality color proof (i.e. Pictro proof, Matchprint or Chromalin). Color laser proofs are not guaranteed accurate for exact color matching.

  • Colors are CMYK only. No spot (PMS or Pantone) colors or RGB, please.

Premium Position Rates (Four-Color )

 4 issues per year

 Inside Front Cover

 $ 3,623/issue

 Outside Back Cover


 Inside Back Cover


Page One


 Center Spread


  • Premium positions listed above are for full page ads only.
  • Advertisers must place an ad in all four issues to retain their premium positions
  • For specific positions not listed above, add $730 to the appropriate full or fractional page rate.
Loyal Advertiser Bonus: Those who place ads in all four issues will appear in the Quick Reference Supplier Guide.


  • A 15% commission is allowed to recognized advertising agencies, i.e. those that comply with
    Springs' standards of trade advertising service.


  • Trim Size: 8.13 in. wide x 10.88 in. high (20.65 cm wide x 27.64 cm high) *
  • Binding Method: Saddle Stitched
  • Stock: Inside - 60 lb. Gloss No. 2 (Covers - 100 lb. Gloss No. 1)
  • Available Colors: Four-color process, black & white. All colors should be built in CMYK. No spot (Pantone) colors. Please convert RGB graphics yourself. When converted to CMYK, colors may tend to shift, and you can adjust them at this time.
  • Resolution: Please provide graphics with a minimum of 300 dpi. We cannot guarantee the quality of the image with anything lower.
Preferred Material for Digital Output: Ads need to be sent on PC-formatted computer disk, be in the correct file format for output and must include a high-quality color proof (i.e. Pictro proof, Matchprint or Chromalin).

Please send files ONLY in PDF or EPS format.

When saving as a PDF, save as high-resolution or press-optimized.

If you must send a file format other than those listed above, please make sure to include all fonts used to create the document. This includes the printer/screen suitcase. If a substitute font is available, it may cause the document to reflow. You may also convert all type to paths/outlines.

All graphics should be provided and linked to the document for updating when received. Do not embed graphics in the document.

  • Accepted Convertible Materials: Negatives (Right-Reading, Emulsion Side Down). Negatives must be sent with color Matchprint or Chromalin for color ads. Laser printout OK for black & white ads, but not for color ads. Negatives sent without the appropriate proofs will be subject to preparation charges.
  • Publisher's Services: Art mechanicals and materials other than complete electronic files and color proofs may be subject to preparation charges. (See above description of Preferred Material.)
    All negatives are held for 12 months, after which time they are destroyed unless other instructions are given.
  • Inserts: Copy and approval of insert content is required prior to acceptance. For a quote, please contact Lynne Carr, Executive Director.
  • Non-Bleed Ad Page Dimensions:

  •  1 page: 7.63" x 10.38" (19.38 x 26.37 cm)
     1/2 page island: 4.5" x 7.25" (11.42 x 18.42 cm)
     1/2 page horizontal: 6.9" x 4.63" (17.3 x 11.76 cm)
     1/2 page vertical: 3.31" x 9.34" (8.41 x 23.72 cm)
     1/4 page vertical: 3.37" x 4.63" (8.41 x 11.76 cm)
  • Bleed Ad Page Dimensions:

  • 2-page spread: 16.5" x 11.13" (41.91 x 28.27 cm)
    1 page: 8.38" x 11.13" (21.29 x 28.27 cm)
    1/2 page
    horizontal spread:
    16.5" x 4.63" (41.91 x 11.76 cm)
  • Bleed Safety: Keep important live matter, such as text, at least 0.25" (0.64 cm) from any edge.

Issuance and Closing Dates:

 Issue Commitments Materials
Winter Nov. 1 Nov. 15
Spring* Feb. 1 Feb. 15
Summer May 1 May 15
Fall* Aug. 1 Aug. 15
* Show Bonus Distribution

Space Reservation Form

Send all Space Reservations and materials to:

SMI Business Corp.
2001 Midwest Road, Suite 106
Oak Brook, IL 60523-1335

Phone (630) 495-8588

Fax: (630)495-8595


Advertising & Editorial Contact

Lynne Carr - Executive Director
Springs Magazine
2001 Midwest Road, Suite 106
Oak Brook, IL 60523-1335
Phone: (630) 495-8588
Fax: (630) 495-8595
Gary McCoy - Managing Editor
Springs Magazine
2001 Midwest Road, Suite 106
Oak Brook, IL 60523-1335
Phone: (630) 495-8588
Fax: (630) 495-8595
Advertising Sales - Europe
Jennie Franks,
David Franks & Co.
63 St. Andrew’s Road
CB4 1DH England
Phone / Fax: +44-1223-360472
Advertising Sales - Japan
Ken Myohdai,
Sakura International
22-11 Harimacho
1-Chome, Abeno-ku,
Osaka, 545-0022 JAPAN
Phone: ++81-6-6624-3601
Fax: ++81-6-6624-3602

Springs is published by the SMI Business Corp., a subsidiary of the Spring Manufacturers Institute.

SMI Springmakers

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