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SMI Safety Audit Program

Prevent injuries and save money with an SMI Safety Audit

The SMI Safety Audit gives you an economical insight into plant safety
Safety on the shop floor is on every manager's mind because a protected work force works better, provides a greater return on investment and directly contributes to a stronger bottom line.

Plants have three options when considering safety:
1. Subscribe to an SMI Safety Audit of your facility so you can prevent injuries, and plan and budget abatements to avoid unnecessary penalties.
2. Assume that following the safety recommendations of your insurance auditor is the same as making your plant OSHA compliant, only to find out the hard way that numerous violations still exist.
3. Do nothing. Wait for OSHA. Prepare for potentially sizeable penalties and costly repairs.

The choice is obvious. SMI offers an economical Safety Audit program that helps companies address the unique safety concerns of the spring industry. Conducted by a regulations compliance consultant and certified instructor for the OSHA outreach program, the SMI Safety Audit is done in three stages:
1. Preliminary interview, plus review and evaluation of the company's written programs and policies.
2. Complete plant inspection to find both obvious and hidden hazards, and possible OSHA violations.
3. Comprehensive written post-audit report that specifies hazards and outlines the appropriate corrective actions.

By taking a proactive approach with an SMI Safety Audit, companies have reported saving money by reducing lost workdays and avoiding OSHA fines. More importantly, you can protect your work force from needless accidents and injuries.


Ask two OSHA inspectors to view the same plant and they will, invariably, provide different reports specifying different hazards. As a result, SMI cannot guarantee a totally violation-free facility after an inspection but can assure that the plant will be a safer place when Safety Audit recommendations are implemented.

Although SMI cannot make absolute guarantees, experience shows that this program works. Since initiated in 1993, 62 percent of all companies having an SMI Safety Audit eventually invested in two or more audits.

Each participant will receive a written report following the audit, together with all notes taken during the process. Audit results and the facts of the audit are not divulged to any governing or regulatory agency, or any other party. To further ensure confidentiality, all correspondence is kept between SMI and the individual specified by the participating company.

The fee for SMI members is $1,000 per plant, plus expenses. For nonmembers, the cost is $2,000 per plant, plus expenses. The audit of one plant requires about a day to complete and does not interfere with production.

The wall-to-wall Safety Audit can be combined with In-House Safety Training during the same visit for $1,800 (a savings of $200 off the regular price).

Take advantage of this important SMI program like so many others have done. To register, use the form on the next page to reserve a date for your plant to be inspected.

For more information, contact SMI by phone at (630) 495-8595

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